Ahad, April 20, 2008

Rumors is Spreading

Howdy Malaysian and all people around the world. In certain areas in Asia and Europe, Rubik's Cube is a famous toy and game, but in Malaysian Rubik's still on its way to be a mainstream game. The rumors is spreading now, that there will be Malaysian Cube Competition at the end of May 2008. Even though, there is no clear confirmation from Toys R Us, but a few speed cubers in Malaysia are talking about it.

So, if this rumors become reality, support from all Malaysian is needed to commercialize Rubik's Cube in Malaysia because it can be a healthy activity especially for our teenagers and we also hope the support from all speed cubers all around the world.

This is still rumors, any confirmation soon, will be added.

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forumer berkata...

Salaaam. Hhhhmm u are so interest with Rubic cube eaa, that's guud. I remember, i'm so lemau in arrange the cube to make it same colour at each side. But it's so cool actually and can activate our brain.

About your question, all those 3D pics i created myself, using 3d studio max. Anybody can too if they have interest to study that software hehe.

I'm just a blogger n do some small business, a man over 30 years old now :D

Anyway thanx for everything my fren. Cheers and all the best 2 u. Jazaakallahu khoir :)

sting berkata...

am sure you'll be in the competition too right? :-)

Mr. Faizal berkata...

Forumer, my bro.
Yeah, rubiks is one of my obsession.

Mr. Faizal berkata...

hey sting. thanks for the visit. yeah I will in the competition.