Ahad, April 20, 2008

Sufiah Yusof

I used to be impressed by this girl when she went to Oxford University as early as 13 year old and I used to be proud of her because when she went to Oxford University, she was Malaysian, and genius. Since she went to Oxford, it never comes to my mind that she will be the person as she is now and you know it. All Malaysians know and Malaysian Government knows what happened to Sufiah now. Malaysian Government can't do so much because she no longer Malaysian.

Believe me, being genius or very intelligent is not the greatest advantage in the world, it is about how wise you manage your life. If you are only genius in one particular field and you failed to manage your life, you are nothing in this world, but I can't deny how rich Sufiah now because she really earn a lot of money from what she is doing now, and to me it is really unexpected. That's why in our life, at one point, we have to expect the unexpected, because life is so unpredictable.

Sufiah now, becomes one of the hottest stories among Malaysians, maybe especially among people who was to praise her when she was an innocent girl who entered Oxford at the age of 13.

Sufiah should be a lesson to us and always be a lesson.

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Nick Phillips berkata...

Well, she's a smart little girl who knew how to make the best of things. It may not be the best and most moral job in the world, but she made her choice and is happy with it. And she does live comfortably ...