Rabu, April 23, 2008

Sponsored Review

At first place, I'm blogging just for fun until I know about the existing of thing, the so-called "sponsored review". Since that, I start to join and do it, but know it little bit slower because my blog is not a well-known blog and I have low number of visitors.

So the first one I joined is http://www.sponsoredreviews.com and I only made six reviews since 4 months ago when I signed up with it and to me it not so bad for the blog like mine. I didn't think to give up http://www.sponsoredreviews.com even I just got few reviews to be made.

So, who ever still didn't try paid review, http://www.sponsoredreviews.com can be among the earlier one to be joined.

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forumer berkata...

Salaaam. Hope u always stay healthy and happy bro. Mmm uptrend eh, ada lagi eh? pape pn saya dah lama tinggalkan alam MLM bro, tp all the best to u laaa

Aaaa Sponsored Review, one of the review website, bagus gak, janji kita pilih2 review, bukan main redah je review, pasal ada gak website2 yg x bagus kan? :)

Cuma kalau secara peribadi, saya lebih suka Blogsvertise, dalam sebulan dapat gak 3 4 review kurang2 , dia bagi task kita menerusi email (tak payah bid2 yg menghabiskan masa dsbnya) dan bayarannya maintain standard 10 dollar. Dan bagusnya join belaka mana2 ada kan bro hehe, cuma pilih2 review je la yang mana x bagus atau x senonoh tu x payah la kan? K bro, all the best :)

Mr. Faizal berkata...

salam bro.. Yeah uptrend still there. I get more from sponsored review. so far, 8 reviews in 4 months. i think its ok for new blog like mine.

have great day my bro.

Forumer berkata...

Mmm yes, that's nice actually for a new blog. I'm sure u'll get more and more ahead , gud luck my dear Faizal :)