Khamis, April 17, 2008

People Hate Advertisement

The title of this post might seem and sound so prejudice, because the title might refer to all people all around the world without any exception, but that is not my intention, because I think (so, it is totally my opinion) usually people hate advertisement because advertisement disturb the tv programmes they want to watch where sometimes advertisement is appearing longer that the tv programmes and people don't really prefer to see the advertisement on the blogs and websites.

On television, more than 90 percents of advertisement just a lie (this fact is not applicable to all country, maybe applicable to my country). The advertisement said like this and like that, but, when consumers bought and used the products, the result is totally different as showed on the advertisement - that's why people hate advertisement. However, advertisement is still an important area especially in business, marketing and promoting product. Advertisement is the best medium for marketing and promoting, plus not all advertisers lie.

So, basically, I'm not prejudice, even I have to admit sometimes I hate advertisement but I still put advertisement on my blogs. That how blogs should work.

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A Simple Life berkata...

hello faizal! thanks so much for dropping by and your comment. take care friend!

forumer berkata...

Salaaam. Yes u are right maan, most advertising in Malaysian television are overtalk, over la senang heehe . Gimik yang melampau2 dan terlalu fantasi yang tak tahan tu, sedangkan produk2 tu biasa2 je

Neway, still advertising is important. If not, how can people in TV station cari makan eh? And ads is more important in internet as we all know :)

Mr. Faizal berkata...

Salam bro. Yeah, Malaysian's advertisement memang over. Luckily, di Astro tak banyak sangat iklan. LOL. Anyway, thanks for the visit

forumer berkata...

U are welcome maan. ooo Astro sikit iklan eh? Bagus arr gitu, lg pn diorg dh ada untung pasal pelanggan bayar bulanan kan? So kalau buat iklan banyak jugak ntah laa hehe

Thanx 2 u too, jazaakallahu khoir :)

babooshka berkata...

gain you raise an interesting point which i hadn't thought of, that in way blogging is a form of advertising. Of course you are right. well observerd.

Mr. Faizal berkata...

Babooshka, my friend.. Yeah, blogging is a way of advertising. You blog, you promote your blog = you advertise. Actually advertising is quite interesting. :)