Selasa, Oktober 28, 2008

Africa for Adventure

This time we are going for something that a little bit adventurous whereas previously I was writing vacation in Italy, France and Spain - these place, I categorized them the places for romantic moment, but this time, still for romantic vacation but with some stuff that make you feel the adventure. Come on guys, lets go to Africa to see and play around with those animals there and to know the culture that exists in the place called Africa.

Before, we are going for some adventure, you need the place to stay dude. So just choose one from these top rated hotels - Riad Zolah, Dar Charkia, Riad Numero 9, Dar Silsila and many more. Kind of weirdo names rights but who care, the language just weird to those who didn't understand it. I don't really know how the hotel looks like but I believe those hotels must be great especially fot people who love to be in Africa.

So, what's the attractions? Here we go - Julius Safari Day Trips, Castle Zaman, Dahshur, Temple of Karnak and Duma Explorer. I used to play this one game called Zuma. Is it co-related with that Duma Explorer? Maybe not. So, Africa is so well know with its hotness and its animals, so these places is really suitable for couples who love the great hot scenery with many kinds of animals and couples who love adventure and some elements of danger. Extraordinary honeymoon might be.

Maybe one day, I will be there too. Snaping the great scenery of Africa and the animals. Feel into Africa? Get more by clicking here.

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