Khamis, Ogos 21, 2008

France's Eiffel

It had been a while since I wrote about vacation Italy but just to remind you, my post is based on my research because I found that it is quite interesting to know about how it likes to have vacation in foreign countries, it is not base on my experience. This time I choose France. Why France? Simply said, just because I think France is just nice as Italy. So, what we have in France? First of all, because you have variety options for your accommodations, to name few of them - Hotel Luxembourg Parc, Jays Paris, Chateau de Bouceel, Hotel Le Nautilus and Villa St. Maxime. However, the main attraction of France, as everyone knows is Eiffel Tower. So, what you gonna do when you are in France? Lots of activities for you and the main one is going tour around Eiffel Tower, snap as much pictures as you want and they will become one of the sweetest memory in your life. If I'm in France right now, the first thing I will do is looking for Zidane and get some coffee with him and talk about football.

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