Sabtu, September 06, 2008

Handling Many Blogs

I am challenging myself by having few blogs and it really not an easy thing to handle few blogs in the same time. At point, you will be lack of ideas about what to blog about. My main blog is so called Mind Heart Lines. It kind of personal blog but I'm also blogging about commercial stuff on Mind Heart Lines. This is another blog and I named it as Shop's Base Not For Rent and here I try to write something that contain a little bit knowledge and some of commercial stuff too. Another blog is called To Blog Everything and as its name, I want to blog everything there on various matters but I didn't have so much idea. Recently I made another blog written in my national language - Bahasa Melayu or some people call Bahasa Malaysia and this blog can be surfed at

I hope I can maintain all these four blogs but I am not sure how long I can handle all these four blogs but I have to try because if I didn't try, how can I know whether I can handle few blogs or not. It's fun blogging but to keep it always updated is not easy. However, what can I say, blogging nowadays becomes part of current life-style.

Having a great day blogging everybody.

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