Isnin, April 14, 2008


Third entry on this blog for today. It clearer that I really want to make this blog alive again. I want to change the URL, but for real, Blogger doesn't permit the change of the URL. So I have to stick with the URL or in English

So, for global readers and bloggers, just ignore the URL name if you didn't understand what it means. This blog will be activated again but better posts and entries will appear later. Not today for sure. So, I have to learn to handle two blogs. This blog had been started in May 2006. Because of the lack of traffic, I decided to establish the other blog. But the other blog to young and I still didn't have page rank on that blog.

I stop posting on this blog last month and now I want to post on this blog again. Plus, this blog has PR of two. If there is any reader, blogger and surfer accidentally reached this blog. Please support myself to reestablish this blog by leaving your wise comments.


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