Isnin, April 14, 2008

Some Modifications

Some modifications had been made on this blog, so I think I make myself clear of my intention to develop again this blog and make it "alive" and full of "spirit". I changed the title of the blog to English and remove some sections for a while. However no change will be made to the layout of this blog because I'm quite love this templates with some pink color, pink not for girls only.

For sure, it will take some time to make this alive back after I left it behind for a while to focus on my other blog, because at first place, I think I should not be able to handle two blogs at the same time, but if I'm not trying to challenge myself to handle two blogs at one time, I will never know whether I can do it or not.

If there is any reader, blogger or surfer accidentally reached this blog, please give opinion about reopen this blog. Thanks.

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