Selasa, April 15, 2008

My Ride

Howdy bloggers and readers. We not blog and surf blog and website for every second of our life. We need to go out and get fresh air and feel the peace of world (even I must admit, the world does not that peaceful). So, when you are going somewhere, what kind of transport do you prefer - cars, bikes, buses, planes, boats, ferries, bicycles or lorries?

I love cars and bikes but usually I ride on my bike (actually not my own bike, it belongs to my dad). Malaysia proudly presents Modenas Jaguh (this bike produces few years ago), the easy ride with 175cc and 5 speeds. Silver in color. This type of bike is limited, yeah limited edition of Modenas Jaguh.

People rarely can see this type of Jaguh on the Malaysia's road. There is another design of Jaguh. I didn't have the picture of that another design, The another design owned by more people compare to the kidn of Jaguh I have ( my dad has actually). IBut I consider this bike is mine. LOL.

AER 4878 - the registration number. I will ride it when I'm going back for my term break.

Vrrrooommmmm... !!!!

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