Selasa, April 15, 2008

Life Likes Rubik's Cube

Is it relevant to say that life likes Rubik's Cube? In my another blog I wrote life likes water. This time I want to say life also likes Rubik's Cube. At first place, you have one Rubik's Cube which the arrangement of all six colors are in order and nice to see. Life changes to worse condition and messes up when you choose to scramble the Rubik's Cube and all six colors not in their places anymore. That's the analogy.

Then, if you wise and you learn to fix you life, you will be able to fix all six colors of Rubik's Cube in their positions back. If you want to fix the Rubik's Cube, you have to learn to solve it, and that's how life goes on. You have to learn to live and learn to solve the problems. Maybe because my obsession with Rubik's Cube, I make such an analogy and if you disagree with me, that's your right because people observe life with different views and opinions. I observe life likes water and Rubik's Cube.

So, again, is it relevant to say life likes Rubik's Cube. Definitely, my answer is BIG YES.

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astrogalaxy berkata...

Thanks for dropping in my blog!
I remembered once when I was still a kid...I simply cannot get the cube back into the original form after many weeks. I took out all the colour stickers from the cube and re-stick all in order!!! How embrassing!

sting berkata...

hi.. thanks for dropping by earlier.. well, I must say I handle life better than I do a rubik's cube.. I just couldn't get all 6 sides with the same color.. my best was 5 sides.. sigh.. any tips? :-)

Mr. Faizal berkata...

Hi Astrogalaxy.
As for as concern, there are great speed cubers in Singapore. Basically, you can learn how to solve it. There area lot of tutorials and videos on the net. Anyway, thanks for visiting. :)

Mr. Faizal berkata...

Hi Sting.
5 sides.. That quite good. Basically you can find a lot of tutorials and videos about solving rubik's cube. At You Tube, just search with the keyword rubiks and you will find many videos. Google for rubik's tutorial and you will find a lot of tutorials too. Anyway, thanks for the visit.