Sabtu, April 19, 2008

Having Google Adsense on Your Blog

Google Adsense, as far as I concern, can be considered as the most popular advertising program on the Internet. If you are surfing any kind of blogs, whatever category that particular blog lays down, you will find the blog will content this stuff - Google Adsense. So, why Google Adsense is too famous on the Internet and one of the best advertising program? Because there are people who had been making and is making a lot of money from Google Adsense, but generating income from Google Adsense is not easy as some people think. Google Adsense, as all know, base on the CPC, more clicks you get, more income you will earn to your Google Adsense account but the problem is how to get people to click on the Adsense you have on your blog.

There are people out there who are giving a lot of solutions to the said problem above. I will not give any solution because I'm not an expert in this matter, but for new bloggers, don't depend so much on Google Adsense because when you are new bloggers, you are having new blogs, so you still have lower traffic to your blog and of course you never expect to get a lot of clicks on your Adsense. Establish your blog first, write the quality and create relationship with other bloggers. Don't forget to promote your blog. These are among the first efforts you can make to commercialize your blog.

If you have an intention to earn money from blog, never depend on Adsense as total. Do other stuff as paid review for example. When you already have a stable and well-known blog, then, your Adsense wil start generating income for you, but this is not a guarantee, because usually people do not like advertisement so much.

Good luck and keep blogging.

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Forumer berkata...

Salaam. Yupp u are right, it's not easy. Like me, almost a year for now but still cannot generate monthly income with just adsense. N right what u said, must establish and have quality contents first. At least we must have 1000 visitors per day then we can get good income with adsense insyaALLAH.

Bydaway i add u at my e-picworld blog. All the best n ma'assalaamah :)

MakeTraffic berkata...

Hi Faiza, well said.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good weekend too. Cheers!