Rabu, Disember 24, 2008

Learn Other Language

The rapid development and fast evolution which happen all around the world requires people to improve themselves and one of the requirement is to be able to use or to speak in more than one language, maybe two or three or four or more. People might be learn many kinds of language such as Bahasa Melayu, Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Japanese and etc. The ability to use more than one language has many advantages and one of them is in the matter of getting job. For example, in Malaysia, a person who can speak in Malay, English and Mandarin might have better chance to get a particular job compared to a person who able to use only two of these three language. However, other requirement must be also fulfilled by that candidate. Without a good academic performance, the ability to speak in more than one or two language will not guarantee the position for that particular job.

In Malaysia, students especially university's students must learn third language beside Bahasa Melayu. If they are Chinese or Indian, they must learn other language beside their mother tongue language. Most university students pretty well at English, so they are required to learn third language such as Arabic, French, and Japanese, there are also few other language. This is very important to make them very competitive and the ability to use or speak in this third language will help so much when the time of job seeking.

So, nowadays, not only university students, working people who never learn third language before still can find the opportunity to learn the third language if they already can speak in at least two language. You can go for language class or just find the books or you can learn online whether online classes or get the ebooks if you prefer to learn and study just by using your laptop or personal computer. The world today makes a lot of things easier.

So, good luck to those who want to try it and improve themselves along with the world that never stop to change.

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Sojo Varughese berkata...

I agree with you. they way our world is not, it helps to know more than one language :)

imelda berkata...

yes its really good to learn other languages to be competitive.