Selasa, Jun 03, 2008

Do Not Kill Youselves

Drugs destroy the mankind. It had been years and years that drugs is one of the greatest enemy of mankind. From simple drug to the more sophisticated drugs.

Ecstacy kills people around the world and there are stubborn people who keep use it.

The primary effects attributable to MDMA consumption are predictable and fairly consistent amongst users. The most common effects include:


Decreased hostility and insecurity

Increased feelings of intimacy with others

Feelings of empathy towards others

Ability to discuss anxiety-provoking topics with markedly-increased ease

A strong sense of inner peace and self-acceptance

Feelings of insightfulness and mental clarity

Intensification of sensory experience, particularly auditory and tactile

Decreased appetite

Urinary retention

Mydriasis (abnormal pupil dilation)

Increased physical energy

Increased heart rate and blood pressure


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