Selasa, Mei 06, 2008

TV on Your PC

It might kind of boring if you only ordinary TV. So why don't try to change by watching internet TV and live video from Internet on your computer. It quite nice too. Blog TV is offering you this services. With its quite nice looking website, you can have an access to many kind of live video such as sports, comedy, art, entertainment and many more.

Share your live, experience, knowledge on Internet TV through live video. Share them with those who might have same interests with you. If you like football, watch football videos from other people who love football too and you can share your favorite football videos with those people too.

Plus, you can have live chat with those who have same interest with you or not. It is not just a video based website, it is also a kind of social networking website but by the method of sharing and showing your videos.

So, do you a collection of videos? Why don't share those videos on and have some fun.

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