Selasa, Mei 06, 2008

President From Uneducated Family

I can say, this man is one of the great man ever inspired me but he is not in number one place. The greatest man ever inspired me is another one else and I will write about Him later because he so special and he is listed as the number One man who ever changes the world.

So, this time post about the man who was born on February 12, 1809 and he was a son of two uneducated farmers. However being the child of tow uneducated farmers was not a big deal for Abraham Lincoln, and because of his hard work and positive thinking, he became the 16th President of United States. I have no intention to talk about US at all because US never inspired me, only Lincoln inspired me.

He proved to us, anyone can become the main authority of one country, even though you are coming from poor family and so on. Never give an excuse. Just work hard, think positive, never give up and keep going on with life.

"Lincoln's formal education consisted of about 18 months of schooling, but he was largely self-educated and an avid reader. He was also a talented local wrestler and skilled with an axe."

I didn't want to praise Lincoln so much because there is other great man who is better than him but Abraham can be one of role model to inspire ourselves in anything we do.


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