Isnin, April 28, 2008

Simple Invention Widely Use

I am impressed by simple non complicated invention but it still widely use even though nowadays, there are a lot of better inventions have been invented. My biggest credit to Thomas Alva Edison who created long lasting light bulb and nowadays people keep using the light bulb in their daily lives.

Born on February 11, 1847, Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor and businessman. To discuss about the history of his life, I don't think I will write on this post because you can find out about this great man on Wikipedia and many other sources. The point here is to never underestimated the simple invention like light bulb and don't praise the complicated inventions to much because we can use the simple invention for benefit of our life at the lowest cost but we'll might not so affordable to use the complicated and sophisticated inventions.

Many houses have bulbs and bulbs provides light - easy and not costly, and the biggest credit evern to Mr. Thomas Alva Edison.

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Salaam. yes , alhamdulillah, thanks to Thomas Edison for the bulb. But actually, Thomas Edison must thanx to Quran and muslims for spreading mathematics, becoz math is a key to all science and technology nowadays.

And because after the advent of Quran, sci-tech became advance like never before, thousand years mankind live long time ago before the advent of Quran but still not growing better like after the Quran was revealed :)